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solo work: let me talk my dreams 

i am not interested in dreams without action.

The question “Who is your Margo?” began my journey. It inspired hours in the library, the reading and re-reading of her biography, the courage to reach out to people I didn’t know for help, the excitement of holding her personal belongings, the tears and laughter over the incredible stories of her life, and it shaped the way her story needed to be told.

Over the year I have been researching and developing a solo performance piece about Margo Jones. And in getting to know Margo, I found that Margo is a dreamer, a believer, a pioneer, a inspiration, a leader, a director, a producer, a marketer, an encourager, a tornado. She is persistent, resilient, energetic, intelligent, generous, passionate, joyful, a yay-ser to life. She never gave up. She has a head on her shoulders and a dance in soul.  But of course, she also is plagued with her demons of loneliness, exhaustion, desperation, a need to be loved and remembered, and a lack of self-worth.  

Let Me Talk My Dreams is a show that pays tribute to Margo Jones through her words and words of those who loved her. It shares her strength, rigor, humor and tornado-like energy in a engaging audience interactive production. Audiences get a first hand account of her incredible stories that shaped Dallas history, as well as the history of theatre in America, all while seeing the vulnerable private side of Margo behind her invincible smile.  

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